IASTA Conference 2023

IASTA conference is being organized by Indian Aerosol Science and Technology Association at Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra, India during December 12-14, 2023. IASTA conference 2023 focuses on range of topics such aerosol fundamentals, aerosol modelling, instrumentation, aerosol characterization, air quality, nuclear and radioactive aerosols, bio aerosols and health effects. The conference aims at bridging the gap areas in this multidisciplinary field.

The conference program will include:

  • Plenary Lectures addressing topics of general interest and consisting of one hour lectures with 50 min presentation and 10 min Q&A.
  • Invited talks delivered by Keynote Speakers (30 minutes long including Q&A).
  • 2 Regular or Special oral sessions running in parallel with presentations of 15 min (including Q&A).
  • Poster sessions distributed in different sessions.