Awardees in different categories of presentation

Platform presentation

1 st Prize –
  • Simran Bamola - Environmental Levels, Sources, and Cancer Risk Assessment of PAHS associated with PM1 And TSP in an Urban Site in Taj City
2 nd Prize –
  • Chandrima Shaw - Role of Metrological Conditions and Sources Influencing Atmospheric Nhx Over a Semi-Urban Site in North-Western Indo-Gangetic Plain
3 rd Prize –
  • Amit Kumar - Assessment of FP and Sodium Aerosol Behavior in A Closed Chamber

Lightning presentation

1 st Prize –
  • P Rama - Development of a Diffusion Sampler for Testing of Radon Barrier Materials
2 nd Prize –
  • Navinya Chimurkar - Aerosol and Precursor Gas Emissions from the Non-Cooking Residential Sector in India
  • Arun N - Improvement in Fog Simulation Due to Different Soil Moisture Initialization Over North India
3 rd Prize –
  • Akshat Jain - Effect of Titania Nano-Additives on the Particulate Matter Including Ultra-Fine Particle Emissions of a Compression Ignition Engine

Poster presentation

1 st Prize –
  • Niveditha Muruganandam - Aerosol Optical Depth Vs PM2.5: Adaptation of Hybrid Optimization Algorithms for Temporal Prediction
2 nd Prize –
  • Riya Dey - Particle Deposition in G3-G6 Respiratory Airway Bifurcations
  • Manish Kumar - Resuspension Dynamics of Thermophoretically Deposited Particles Via Shockwave Interaction
3 rd Prize –
  • Amit Singh Chandel - Diurnal Variation of Black Carbon Over Machoi Glacier In Kashmir

Prize Money (will be shared in case of tie.)

  • 1 st – 7500/-
  • 2 nd – 5000/-
  • 3 rd – 3000/-

Free animation of the awarded platform presentation will be made by SGN Controls.